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The Currency of Infographics in the Conversation About Currency


As information and knowledge grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to convey concepts and opinions without some assistance. Re-enter the information graphic, which has been with us since Homo erectus first learned to draw.

In this current age we know these mechanisms as infographics. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on currency infographics.

I was recently contacted by Madison Taylor, who works for It is common for [Counting on Currency] to be contacted by businesses wanting access to our readers.

I always decline those offers. But as Master of Finance is of an academic nature — and as I am a proponent of higher education — I decided to support their operation with the following infographic representing the current (at the time created it) value of a dollar — domestically and internationally.

Further validation for devoting a post to graphical currency knowledge was found in an infographic by Garda Cash Logistics, which represents more of an historical perspective of currency.

My thanks to both organizations for their contributions.

master of finance


garda money facts

(Source: ATM Marketplace)


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