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Communication Options

With advances in technology, TCIP/IP and wireless technology running an ATM has gotten more affordable over the last few years. AOne ATM offers a number of communication options to make connecting your ATM to the host easy, secure and affordable.

Dial – Up connections are used to connect lower-volume ATMs to the host computer using the same technology millions of people around the world use to connect to the Internet. The ATM’s modem simply dials the phone number of its host computer and makes a connection.

TCP/IP, a Web-based technology, allows you to easily, inexpensively and securely integrate your ATMs into your existing IP and Ethernet networks, in order to take full advantage of your investment.

Wireless Technology works in conjunction with TCP/IP and legacy protocols, delivering a faster transfer of information. Wireless technology operates over private cellular and PCS infrastructures, and is designed for businesses that have a portfolio of deployed devices facilitating financial transactions.

Leased Line protocols such as SNA/SDLC allows for seamless integration into your existing network. Although typically the most expensive of the communication options, leased lines can be combined with emulation protocols and allows for easy installation of your ATMs.

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