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You can make money with an ATM.

Will an ATM help your company meet its revenue goals?  This tool will help you determine the feasibility of acquiring an ATM for your business.

Make your selection using the drop down menu:

Number of ATMs:

Number of Transactions Per Month:
*Average = 250 months*

Surcharge Fee:
*(National Average = $2.50)*

ATM Cost:

Total ATM Cost:
Total Monthly Surcharge:
Annual Return:
Estimated Monthly Dollars Dispensed:

ATM ownership means profit for your business

ATMs make a great addition to any bank, credit union or retailer.  Even a low performing location can provide great returns on your investment. Our complete, turn key ATM package starts at only $2,150 and includes:

  • 100% surcharge revenue deposited to your account daily.
  • Replenishment cash deposited to your account daily.
  • Real time, on-line web reporting allows you to track your ATM from any computer
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Maximum card acceptance including EBT cards
  • 24 hour tech support
  • 1 year parts warranty

So what are you waiting for?  Locations such as convenience stores, malls, airports, nightclubs, family fun centers, bowling centers, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, drug stores, fairs, conference and business centers, and hotels are all perfect for ATMs.  Any place people gather is a potential ATM profit center!  Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about the benefits of ATM ownership.