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What Our Clients Are Saying

Paul Marshall | Hickory Point Stores

Thank you for your consistent and professional service! Hickory Point Stores switched to AOneATMs after not getting the follow up we needed from our ATM provider. It is refreshing to work with a company that has the same commitment to service as we do. The personal attention we receive is unsurpassed by any other service providers.


Paul Marshall
Hickory Point Stores

Glenn Kirk, EVP of Marketing & Business Development | Summit Credit Union“AOneATM has enabled us to deploy ATMs in our business partners facilities quickly and efficiently. They install, service, and brand our ATMs; taking the burden off of our staff, but in a cost-effective manner.”


Glenn Kirk, EVP of Marketing & Business Development
Summit Credit Union

Robert Bosch Corp“We couldn’t be happier with the attention to detail and efficiency AOneATM provides with our three Anderson Federal Credit Union branded ATM’s. Our associates love having access to the No Fee ATM’s with your added AFCU partnership and there is never any downtime with any of our ATM’s. Thanks again and we would recommend you to anyone!”

Quote Placeholder - Blank 100x50pxLee Murray
Robert Bosch LLC
Anderson, SC

Chris L. Cole | Income & Business Options

If someone told me that I could get a 15% return on an investment in this economy, I would not have believed them. Imagine my surprise when I did a four month summary for one of my ATMs to find an 18.5% return, not for a year, but for four months! That’s going to be a 56% annual return on my investment. My other ATMs are yielding about a 24% to 45% annual return. There is no other business venture that can yield these results with the loss risk almost non-existent. AOneATM’s program has exceeded all my expectations. What a way to make a living!

Chris L. Cole
Income & Business Options

John and Bing SaezThe ATM business is like no other. How many businesses allow you to sell your product or service in multiple locations simultaneously? Not many. Owning an ATM is like standing on a street corner trading $20 bills for $22 bills. We have been in business for a short time, but have seen consistent returns month to month. This investment has out-performed ANY stock we have ever owned.

John and Bing Saez